A fine October day in the garden, and other simple pleasures

Taylor, Alan

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Sample score



8m 00s




Large Ensemble


fl, ob, cl, asax, bn, hn, tpt, trb, 2 vn, va, vc


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About the work

The title says it all. The line of thinking which led to the piece was provoked by a friend, and the London CoMA Ensemble contributed by playing the first draft.

First Performances: London COMA Ensemble, December 1998, Morley College; Yorkshire COMA Ensemble, Leeds, May 1999

Technical notes

The piece has phrases or motifs for 16 specified instruments, and the players are instructed to play these intermittently during the piece, adding or subtracting notes to their given phrase, and timing their playing to structure the piece. The conductor indicates how many minutes have passed. Players will need to concentrate on remembering how often they have already played, and which variation of their phrase they played last.