All luce delle…

Burnell, Paul

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more than 2 players


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About the work

This is a piece that attempts to inspire players (and through them the listeners) by presenting a night-time scene: Light from stars pierces the sky in between mountainous peaks. Light from the moon, even if it is relatively weak, has a warming effect on mountain lakes covered in ice.

Workshopped in 2002 (CoMA London members evening)

Technical notes

The piece is presented as a graphic score, and includes elements that can be interpreted as pitches. The following words are included in curved lines: “stelle perforano spazio fra picchi luna scalda lentemente laghi accecati”. This translates as “stars pierce space between peaks moon warms slowly blinded lakes”. These words can be interpreted as musical elements, or as a way of interpreting the graphic elements, or as sung or spoken elements. The title translates as “by the light of…” (as in moonlight or starlight). There is no ‘correct’ way to play the piece, no obvious ‘starting point’ on the page. The only thing I would be keen to suggest is that an ensemble includes silence (space) in its performance. Also see the programme note.