Aqui (Here)

Gabirro, Bruno


3m 00s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard


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About the work

Aqui means here in Portuguese. It just means here, the place where we are at some moment but much more also. Aqui states we exist, we exist because we are here, now. My country has been the end of the world during many centuries, here for us is everything connected with reality, there is the other world, unreal like the world of dreams, and after many years here, one day we went there and crossed the oceans. Then here become even stronger, become the beginning and end of everything, there. I am still there, longing for here, my Ithaca.

Technical notes

Percussion: tam-tam, gong, suspended cymbal (metals), woodblock, temple block, castanets (wooden) bass drum, tenor drum


Call for Pieces Entry: Open Score 2007 student piece, RAM