By the way …

Hasse, Jean


2m 00s


Visible Music




Wind Ensemble


2 tpt, hn, trb


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About the work

‘By the way …’ was originally composed for trumpet quartet, for outdoor performance during Oberlin College’s Commencement Weekend, May 1989. It was altered and rescored for two trumpets, horn, and trombone for a Cleveland Lyric Brass performance in Cleveland, February 1990. Another version was completed in 1993, scored for two trumpets and two trombones. The piece is rather gentle, a small gesture, as the title implies.

First Performance: Oberlin College students, May 1989. Clevelend Lyric Brass, Cleveland, Ohio, Feb 1990

Technical notes

Much of the piece consists of single melodic lines distributed between the four players. Creating smooth lines and staying with the pulse, will be difficult, and a conductor may be necessary. By accenting the measures’ subdivisions – the two- and three-note groupings – the melodies will become more apparent and also “swing” a bit.