Circle limit III, every line is a circle passing through infinity

Nardelli, Marco Buongiorno

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About the work

In this composition, the abstract hyperspaces of non-euclidean geometry are the inspiration for the theme of spaces and places. There, a traveller who accelerates to relativistic velocities will see the pattern of constellations as seen near the Earth continuously evolve according to infinitesimal transformation of dilations, translations and inversions. If we define a line to be a circle passing through infinity, then it can be shown that all the transformations map circles to circles, in a continuous series beyond the edge of the universe. The music follows this abstract geometrical idea through the perpetual manipulation of the pitch material in a rich polyphonic and counterpoint-al musical landscape.

Technical notes

Written for string quartet, but can be performed by any group of instruments with comparable range to a string quartet. Same family instruments would be preferred. Tempo marking in the score is 120 bpm but it could vary in a range 100 – 140 depending on the proficiency of the performers. Hyper-canon a4


Call for Pieces Entry: Open Score 2006