Pajot, Julia




Flexible Ensemble


3 parts, high, medium and low - brass, wind and strings (keyboard and perc optional)


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About the work

The music is divided between three registers, high, medium and low, and is free in the instrumentation, although I specified the categories (strings…) for each section. There are 3 important “lines” in this piece: harmonic (chords or a progression), harmonic-melodic (slow rhythmic melodies), and true moving melodies (they represent direction). These lines are surrounded by atmospheres (noises or sounds with noises…) that represent a “realistic” natural sound.

These two textures are shared between different groups of instruments, to change the overall colour. The sound is also moving around the hall (according to how the instruments are spaced) to create a dialogue between these textures.

The atmospheres are very varied in this piece, from white noise to colour. In terms of movement, they are moving from static to agitate or from discontinuous to continuous sounds. There are many interactions between the atmosphere’s textures.



Open Score RAM student 2010