Dark Time

Andrews, Kerry






sop, fl, tpt, vc, timp, 2kbd, chm, fan, CD


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About the work

The piece is based on the idea that there might be temporal equivalents to ‘dark matter’. This work, like previous piece by the composer, looks into the space between notes or chords (i.e. the move from one to the other). The piece has a spatial realisation so that there is no ‘observational’ norm. The piece has no specific ending or beginning and happens simultaneously within a given space.

Technical notes

The work needs to be planned ahead, including positioning of sources of sound around the edge of the performance space, and the location of audience within the performance space, leaving room for the performers to move between them. It should then be reasonably easy to play.


Call for Pieces Entry: Cornelius Cardew Ens, CoMA Summer School 1998