Eye, Nose and Cheek

Jolliffe, Edmund


4m 00s




Flexible Ensemble


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About the work

Eye, Nose and Cheek was inspired by many facets of F.E McWilliam’s sculpture. It is made of separate shapes that fit together. The music is made up of different sections of music, that are independent, but all grow out of one another and fit together to create the whole piece. I have also taken the words themselves as inspiration: ‘Eye’ begins as a solo (I); ‘Nose’ made me think of the phrase ‘Follow your nose’ and therefore the canon seemed logical and ‘Cheek’ made me want to write something more cheeky. The shape of the ‘Eye’ on the sculpture appears to be a perfect circle and to reflect this musically I used a very simple phrase and played it backwards (the work is a palindrome). The ‘Nose’ section uses predominantly rising figures to reflect the shape of the nose and the ‘Cheek’ section uses the material from ‘Eye’ as it connects back to the eye on the sculpture.

First performance: Tate Gallery Liverpool, 2002


Call for pieces entry: Tate LIverpool project 2002