Fantastic Alarms of the Shaking Lumanances

Weeks, James


18m 00s




Flexible Ensemble


12 or more performers


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About the work

There should be at least 12 main performers, excluding referee. These performers play, vocalise and move in different movements (“manifestations” of the piece. Everyone must be in every manifestation.

The piece is conceived as an abstract Masque or Gesamtkunstwerk, in the spirit of (and obliquely in homage to) Hugo Ball and the earliest (Zurich) forms of Dada which he inspired. There are six manifestations which follow one another without a pause.

Technical notes

There should be costumes. Performers should all wear the same sort of thing (perhaps in different colours) but not normal concert-wear (eg boiler suits). The referee may wear anything distinguished from the performers’ costumes, including at least one item made of cardboard.