Fluxus Boxes

Jackson, Jenny


6m 00s




Wind Ensemble


Clarinet trio: Eb, Bb and B clarinets, flexible wind band Hard-back books, rubber gloves, plastic bag, balloons


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About the work

The initial idea for writing this piece came from a visit to an exhibition of art work by members of the Fluxus art movement, most active during the 1960s. George Maciunas described his work as “….a fusion of Spike Jones, vaudeville, gag, children’s games and Duchamp.” I liked the sense of fun and the idea that even the smallest event could be turned into a performance.

Technical notes

The wind orchestra parts consist of boxes with written descriptions of events to perform, 13 of which are selected prior to performance. A conductor signals when to change from one box to the next. These parts are very easy and many could be performed by non-players. The clarinet trio parts are quite specific, written using pitched, spatial notation, and are technically more demanding.