For Andrea (part 2)

Andrews, Kerry






Mezzo soprano and tenor


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About the work

The score shows two parabolic curves which intersect; these are the paths that the singers walk while performing the piece, each starting at opposite points as indicated by the arrows.

The piece sets words from the Hebrew psalms which are transliterated – so sound as they are written: Ain – oh – mer va – ain deh – va – rim, Beh – li nish – mah ko – lahm.

(Without speech and without words, nevertheless their voice is heard)

Technical notes

The tempo of the piece is very slow, crotchet = 40 or slower and should be sung at a comfortable mp. The performers should aim to complete the path by the end of the music, therefore passing each other at the lines intersection where the Tenor sings the same words that the Mezzo started with.