Horn Concerto

Montague, Stephen


United Music Publishers






Caxton horn, automobiles


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About the work

The car horn is well known as an alarm. A little known fact is the car horn’s other personality – that of a finely tuned, sensitive orchestral instrument strategically nested in a large, self-propelled steel frame with aural and visual accessories to assist it. This Concerto develops the automobile’s inherent musical talents and its natural flair for gesture, polish and rapt attention. The concerto was premiered at the ISCM World Music Days in Manchester in 1998, with the ensemble including local taxis, and a garbage truck on bass.

Technical notes

Detailed instructions are given with the score – these include the need for a soloist who plays the Claxton horn, a conductor, drivers who can read music, and passengers in each car whose role is to blow bubbles out of the window and make burglar alarm and party pooper sounds.