Is That The Time Already?

Canter, David


1m 00s








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About the work

The piece encapsulates in its detailed intensity the experience of attending a COMA Summer School, working from despair to enjoyable confusion with a moment of lyricism at which you recognise it is actually the summer. The title therefore reflects both the changes in time and mood that are part of the week as the question as to which time we are actually in as well as the question of whether it is indeed summertime is any sense of that song. It was influenced in part by the discovery that Summertime is both a lullaby and a waltz with the desire to incorporate the tango exercise that was part of the workshop. There was also the intention to produce a piece of music for which the programme note took longer to read than the music took to play.

Technical notes

A short piano piece that draws on Tango and Waltz rhythms, as well as a hint of ‘Summertime’ – hence the title. There are changes of time signature.