Machine Code

Andrews, Kerry




Flexible Ensemble


strings, woodwind, brass, 2 timp


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About the work

This piece is based on the painting ‘The Mud Bath’ by David Bomberg, which is a classic British Modernist work and was clearly influenced by the Cubists and the machine aesthetic in France. The date of the painting gives its rather aggressive Modernist ‘language’ a strange prescience. Looking from a later vantage point in history the painting has a double meaning in light of the trench warfare of the then looming First World War. It is this thought along with the machine quality that I take up in the music. ‘Machine Code’ is a kind of fanfare for Modernism. It takes the hard edge quality of the painting and the year of its execution as beginning points for an exploration of the C20th obsession with the machine. The piece essentially consists of four overall music ‘machines’ running concurrently.


Call for Pieces Entry: Tate Liverpool project 2002