Made in California

Dunbar, Lucia


4m 00s




Large Ensemble


fl, cl, bn, pf, nh, trb, tpt, timp, woodblock, chimes, vn, va, vc, db


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About the work

Made in California started as a quiet, meditative piece – my souvenir of a more spiritual southern California . However the piece was adapted for the COMA East Midlands Ensemble for a performance on 26 April 2001. In the process the character of the piece changed dramatically, from a vision of sand and quiet psychic healers shops to a bustling city living at a fast pace and totally dependent on the car! This is Hollywood (I hope, however, without film music!).

First Performance: COMA East Midlands Ensemble, 26 April 2001

Technical notes

This is an ‘orchestral version’ of a much more modest piece. It needs to proceed at quite a fast pace. The tempo (crotchet = 100) is only for guidance and depends on players’ ability. Some parts are not essential e.g. bassoon can play with or instead of piano. Double bass can be omitted, so can all or some of the strings if needed.