Mor Gwyns – Sea Wind

Bailey, Judith


Da Capo






5 - 7 melody instruments


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About the work

Mor Gwyns, Cornish for sea wind, was commissioned by the Zephyrian Clarinet Choir and performed by them at the Bath Festival in 1998. The piece takes its inspiration from poems by Browning, Masefield, and Arnold, and Keats about the sea. Judith Bailey is Cornish, and is conductor of the Petersfield Orchestra and the Southampton Concert Orchestra.

First Performance: Zephyrian Clarinet Choir, Bath Festival, 1998.

Technical notes

The piece was originally written for clarinet choir, and has five obbligato parts, and additional optional soprano instrument and bass instrument parts. It requires 2 (or 3) soprano range instruments, 2 instruments able to cover alto range notes (e.g. clarinet, viola), and one (or 2) bass instruments. A good conductor will be needed due to the many time changes.