Not envious of rabbits

Finnissy, Michael


4m 30s


Oxford University Press




Flexible Ensemble


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About the work

The title is from the fourth verse of a poem ‘Vertical Spaces’ by Colin Johnson, and is used with his permission. The score has four lines, the topmost, third and lowest of which may be played on their own, also without those sections of the lowest line (un-pitched percussion) marked ‘optional solo’

First Performance: COMA conference concert February 2007,

CoMA London Ensemble

Technical notes

Instrumentation is free. It is assumed that more than one player will play each line, but it is not out of the question to play them as a solo. No dynamics are indicated, a generally boisterous approach – even tending towards the noisily raucous – is intended. Timbres should be dirty rather than clean. Plenty of attack. Percussion should consist of ‘found’ objects.


CoMA commission for Open Score 2006