Dedman, Malcolm


score & parts


Sample score



2m 00s






fl, cl, vn, vc, pf

About the work

Completed in the last year of the twentieth century, this piece is a “Postscript” to what has gone before. Also a “Postscript” to the century itself. It begins mysteriously and the instruments build up to a climax where the piano briefly takes over. All instruments attack, very loudly, before gradually winding down. The ending has a very tranquil feel, and is in B Major. The composer sees this as a peaceful “Interlude” into the next century. The piece is an amalgamation of twentieth century styles, and can be thought of as a brief celebration of twentieth century music.

Revised in 2007

Technical notes

The pianist plays and leads, and has the most difficult part. Also plays inside the piano occasionally. Some double stopping in the string parts. The piece contrasts ‘free rhythm’ with strict notation – some rhythmic complexity and changes of metre.


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