Promenade II

Howard, Robert


8m 00s




Flexible Ensemble


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About the work

Promenade takes its title from the five large sculptures by Anthony Caro (1996) of this name. They are steel constructions on display in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I have derived musical material and structures from the contours and form of the sculptures. Promenade II is a flexibly scored open-form piece for improvisation. Fragments of music are distributed between the players, who use them for free improvisation. The work is an attempt to create musical ‘intimacy’ in terms of the improvisation, listening and sensitive responses which are required.

Technical notes

The piece is an open form improvisation piece. 21 fragments of material should be distributed between the players. The number of players is irrelevant, though as many of the fragments should be used as possible – this may involve some instruments having more than one fragment. Parameters such as tempo, texture, rhythm, volume, and articulation, are free. However, pitch should be (‘relatively’) fixed.