Hasse, Jean


9m 00s


Visible Music




Wind Ensemble


4 fl


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About the work

‘Pulling’ was originally conceived as a somewhat planned improvisation. It was recorded in a studio long before it was notated. At that time, one track of solo flute was recorded with the addition of some digital delay and reverb. The composer writes “I then put on headphones and played/recorded a second track as I heard the first over the phones. In notating the piece for live performance, based on the recording I made, I have created what I consider to be a guide, an outline upon which the piece occurs.”

Technical notes

At least four flutes are required, which should be divided equally between the two parts in the score. The score contains detailed instructions for possible arrangements of the players in the performing space, and how to interpret the score – which consists of gestures and phrases of specified durations in seconds, rather than with a conventional metre.