SoundWorks Suite No.1: Three Skies

Clarke, Rhona


Irish Contemporary Music Centre






fl/rec/vn, glock, pf


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About the work

Three Skies, as the name suggests, falls into three shorter, contrasting pieces. The sky dramatically alters the appearance of the landscape: in Ireland this can happen from one minute to the next. Light Clouds on a Breezy Day represents an early morning sky with dawn light just breaking. This imagery is created by a texture which thickens gradually and features dissonant chords in the piano decorated by different motifs in the treble and glockenspiel parts. Before Heavy Rain represents musically the dramatic anticipation of a great storm, perhaps a tropical one, given the prominanace of the bongos and the suggestion of approaching thunder in the piano glissani. Red Sunset is tranquil without becoming soporific, with long, slow phrases.

Technical notes

Some extended techniques for piano (but not difficult) used in the second section, Before Heavy Rain.