SoundWorks Suite No.2: First Light

Clarke, Rhona


Irish Contemporary Music Centre




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard


2 treble, 1 bass, pf


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About the work

First Light is in three short sections: Lento, Andante and Allegro. Listeners will enjoy hearing the Lento if, in turn, the players enjoy the shape of each phrase and the sweetness of the harmony. In the Andante, the main interest is in the interplay between the two trebles over attractive broken chords in the piano. The cello fortifies this texture with gentle pizzicato and occassional melodic imitation. Once the rapid, driving ostinato of the final Allegro is established, the piano withdraws to the background while the other members of the ensemble develop ideas derived from the ostinato.

Technical notes

The two treble lines must practise to ensure that they are exactly together in their joint trill.