The Hubbard Saga

Solomons, David


10m 00s




Voices and Instruments


fl, cl, strings, children's choir, adult choir


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About the work

The Hubbard Saga was written specially for Sale Festival 2001 and follows the antique antics of the fabulous dog of Old Mother Hubbard. The children’s chorus echoes the barking of the dog (the puffing of the pipe etc) whilst the adult choir takes us through the story. Then the children – one by one – tell us the story behind the poem itself. There is real emotion as the dog dies (twice!) and there is a fun jig with flute and clarinet solos which forms the centrepiece from the compositional point of view. The 20th century gets a mention with an added anachronistic verse involving modern technology.

First Performance: 22 June 2001

Technical notes

Individual children will speak lines explaining the background to the original poem (Old Mother Hubbard). It is also hoped that the children will be confident enough to appear in split formation, either side of the adult choir in order to create a stereo effect for the barking of the dog and so forth. (The second performance (October 2001) can be heard on my website and the score is available for download from