… the things you love

Burnell, Paul


score & parts


Sample score



0m 00s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard


2 actors/vocalists, kbds/gui, cym, bdm, electric buzzer

About the work

One of my favourite TV theme tunes was written by Spike Milligan, and featured an electronic buzzer. This theatrical piece has the feeling of a scientific experiment laid out cabaret-style, and deals with our love of, and envy of, possessions. The buzzer serves to identify the sections of the piece – and to imply a Pavlovian response in our desire to own (and destroy) possessions.

Technical notes

The notation is laid out in a grid structure – so it should be possible for non-musicians to pick it up fairly easily. The piece will need to be introduced by a musician. The presentation of the piece will need a lot of attention.


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