Thor Sleeps

Pritchard, Alwynne


score & parts


Sample audio

Sample score



7m 00s




Flexible Ensemble


Any four instruments and at least one pair of hands.

About the work

The first movement – Tacet (Hippocrates Humours a Wilderness of Mondeys) – is a graphic score that makes use of Albrecht Durer’s Melancholia magic square, negotiated via the four winds of Mauritania (Geble, Irivi, Sahalia and Chegri). The players must attempt to perform from fragments of their repertoire, as fast as possible without articulating their instruments. It is dedicated with thanks to the inventor of the wheel.

The second movement – Dance (Hemiolas of Delight) – is a lullaby accompanied by ‘breathing’ hemiola chords. The caressing of hands soothes the sleeper with a three-legged (galliard) march of time towards peaceful and eternal sleep.


Commissioned by COMA for Open Score 2004, ‘The Four Temperaments’


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