Witchery Lake

O'Gorman, Aisling


3m 00s




Voices and Instruments


Contralto + mezzo-soprano solos; other voices, male and female; Vn/vla, vc bass drum


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About the work

A horror film in 3 minutes, this song tells the story of a woman wandering by the edge of a lake at night who finds herself amongst a strange group of people (possibly not even human) who exert a dark influence on her – or do they? The piece has a strong affinity with the number 7 – most of the phrases are 7 bars long, the entire piece is 77 bars long and is built on the Locrian mode which is derived from the 7th degree of the major scale. Known as the devil’s mode, with 5 flattened notes including the tritone, it creates an eerie and intense sound.

First performed by CoMA Limerick in March 2011