CoMA Singers perform items from the CoMA Partsong Book as part of EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble's showcase of new music.




6:00 pm


Milton Court Concert Hall, GSMD, Silk Street, London EC2Y 9BH
This event is in the past

James Weeks (Artistic Director of the CoMA Partsong Project) and Janet Oates (Director of CoMA Singers) will introduce the CoMA Partsong Project. CoMA Singers will perform Atomic Choruses by Janet Oates and Ecchoing Green by James Weeks from the CoMA Partsong Book.

The evening will continue with a concert by EXAUDI vocal ensemble including works by GSMD masters students and four CoMA Partsongs by Sylvia Lim, Cassandra Miller, James Saunders and Christopher Fox. There will be an interval performance by Musarc.

Admission free.

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