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Project #4 - Ether/Real (December 2020)

Ether/Real was our online exploration of graphic scores, connecting a group of musicians from across the world to explore work by Julius Eastman, Ruta Vitkauskaite, Yannis Xenakis, Heidi von Gunden, Christian Wolff and Janet Oates. The project culminated in our Christmas concert, Avantgarde Advent, which you can watch back at the link below.

Project #3 - Postcard Pieces (August 2020)

During the lockdown, CoMA Glasgow developed its newest interactive project – Postcard Pieces. Inspired by our desire to bring a sense of personal connection back to remote music-making, our members created 14 utterly unique pieces written on physical postcards to then be exchanged by post – from the Shetland Isles to the English south coast, and even reaching as far as Berlin.

Project #2 - Remote Connections (June 2020)

Led by composer Dr Ruta Vitkauskaite, the ‘YouCreate’ project invited musicians of all instruments, composers and sound creators to come together to create and perform a collaborative and unique piece of contemporary music for the lockdown-generation. We developed the piece over four video calls during May/June, and held an online premiere of the completed composition, titled Remote Connections, on 20th June 2020.

Project #1 - Pilot (Feb 2020)

CoMA Glasgow launched in November 2019, and held our first pilot project in early 2020 at the Scottish Music Centre in Glasgow. Tying into the Festival of Contemporary Music for All 2020, we held an open rehearsal and performance session exploring a selection of pieces written for the event and for CoMA, alongside an exciting and informative session on John Cage’s ‘Concert’ delivered by Philip Thomas. You can listen to some excerpts of our open rehearsal here.


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CoMA Glasgow is growing into a large new music collective with members of all abilities. We meet for specific projects throughout the year (rather than a regular weekly rehearsal) and encourage our members to contribute ideas and lead the facilitation of our projects.

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