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The CoMA Open Score repertoire provides an opportunity for young musicians to play exciting new music with the flexible scoring suiting the varying make-up of youth ensembles.

CoMA has strong and growing links with Music Hubs. The Tower Hamlets Youth Orchestra from  THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service) played in a join concert with CoMA London Ensemble in March 2014 and Oldham Music Service Contemporary Music Group gave a stunning performance at the CoMA 21st Anniversary Gala Concert at St John Smith Square in October 2014. These two groups, plus Bolton Music Service and Triborough (Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham and City of Westminster) Music Hub, play at the Manchester and London events in the Festival of Contemporary Music for All in February/March 2016.

If you are involved with a Music Hub and would like more information about using CoMA repertoire, please contact


Tower Hamlets Youth Orchestra at Shoreditch Church
Tower Hamlets Youth Orchestra at Shoreditch Church

my sounds

CoMA lauched its project for 14-18 year old musicians, composers and sound explorers as part of the 2022 Festival of Contemporary Music for All. Gathering from across the UK, the group of a dozen young people met regularly over six months for workshops and a recording sessions around the country, supplemented by online sessions, culmating in a live performance in London during the Festival Weekend.

The group worked with  some of England’s leading musical mentors, widely recognised for their unique approach to music performance and creation.

my sounds was a huge success and we are now planning the next phase of the project.

The my sounds project is supported by Youth Music