Constellation is a performance-based composition, devised by Sheena Phillips of CoMA Singers.

We are all like stars, isolated (or in small clusters), separated by great distances – but shining and brilliant (or faint and delicate). Each performer records their own audio, which is assembled into an evolving cosmic soundscape.

Constellation scorepdf

Call for star journey footage

Dominique Golden is collating video to go with the piece and also seeking your contributions.

  • take a short video (on your phone) 3- 4 mins or less of your routine walk – or
  • observe the shape of a constellation sign and walk in the shape of this – or
  • draw a circle around a map of your local green space/or your house and walk as closely to this orbit as possible.

Be experimental! – perhaps point the camera up at the sky, perhaps directly towards the sun, or swing it around in miniature orbits whilst walking.

Or invent/borrow a method for a star path of your own – we will collect your footage and make a montage of our individual yet collective pattern of existence!

Please send via WeTransfer to – many thanks in advance


The piece will evolve as more contributions are added and you will be able to listen to the different mixes. Here is the first released mix (the first mix was a prototype) with contributions from Chris Brew, Ken and Elaine Edwards, Frances George, Dominique Golden, Chris Holmquist, Linda Leroy, Diego Monsalve, Janet Oates, Chris Surety, Julia Usher and Smitha Vishveshwara.

Sheena writes “So far, the objects in the universe are mostly isolated. There’s a lot of silence – though you’ll also hear some sounds that overlap and some that are repeated from time to time.  I’d love to get more contributions so that I can play around with repetitions and layering – as well as extending out into space and time.  Faint, loud, sudden, slow, sparkling, deep, rumbling, melodious, noisy….   anything goes!”

Constellation mix 2: 28 April 2020mp3
Crab Nebula
Crab Nebula