KNM Campus Ensemble tenth anniversary

KNM Campus Ensemble
KNM Campus Ensemble

As part of their tenth anniversary celebrations, KNM Campus Ensemble is inviting CoMA people to make short videos for two Christopher Hobbs pieces that will form part of their concert in November this year.

KNM Campus Ensemble is one of CoMA’s Festival partners and over the years has been involved in CoMA projects in Berlin, Maastricht and London. They had been planning a big anniversary event this autumn in Berlin, inviting other CoMA ensembles, but this has had to be postponed to November 2021.

Both pieces are very short and very straightforward and should take little time to make. It would be really fantastic if there is a large response to this invitation. Here are the full details.

The first piece is One Note

For this you need to video record yourself for 1’30  following  these instructions

  • Play the note D one tone above middle C (A=440Hz)
  • Operation of instrument to be conventional (no mechanical bowing or breathing devices)
  • Play the note as quietly as possible (mute instruments where necessary)
  • Leave silence between repetitions of the note.
  • Duration of the note to vary between short (but not staccato) and as long as is possible in one bow or breath.
  • Duration of silence to vary between short and about twice as long as (each performer’s) longest note.”

Record yourself so that you and your instruments can be seen clearly. For this purpose portrait format is best.

The second piece is Walk Event (to George Brecht)

For this video you need to record where you are walking, not yourself. Duration 1’00’’ to 1’30”, following these instructions

  • Walking at your usual pace, think of a number between one and twenty
  • On the appropriate step, whistle any short note.
  • Before the next step after this, think of another number between 1 and 20, whistle at the appropriate time and so on. “

The videos will be presented a big screen on which both Campus members and their audience will be able to see and hear CoMA members play One Note and, during the Walk Event, experience their whereabouts. So, even though not physically present, CoMA will still be a part of the Campus event

You need to send your videos as soon as possible to Rebecca Lenton, who can also answer any question you may have at  Please aim to do this as soon as possible, preferably before the end of August and certainly no later than 13 September.