Creating Sonic Artworks

One Place to Another: Creating sonic artworks from field recordings with tutor Dominic Murcott


One Place to Another: Creating sonic artworks from field recordings

The aim of the course is to create a piece of sonic art that uses audio material that is personal to the artist. The actual sounds captured may be personal or the place where they were captured.

Provisional programme

Participants will be given a brief in advance of the course and will be asked to record material before the weekend begins. They will be given guidelines on recording techniques as well as suggestions of how to choose material and how much to record. During the weekend the group will edit and manipulate their material into a composition or soundscape and consider how they want an audience to experience their piece: this could, be as a binaural work on headphones or via a two or four channel speaker system. It could also be disseminated online or at a site specific location.


Domoinic Murcott is a composer and Head of Composition at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Technical requirements

Participants will need some kind of portable recording device – ideally something like a Zoom HI but a rougher, and possibly exciting method could be just on a smartphone. They will also need a laptop or tablet with a headphone socket with software they can load audio onto and edit it. The best option is a mac with Logic X or Ableton but there are simpler and cheaper options that can work just as well. Finally they will need headphones that are comfortable enough to work on for long periods. Behringer HPS5000 cost just over £20 and are excellent). Everyone can work collectively, with four speakers, a projector and screen.


Fee £240  Full time students £120

Application forms are a available from

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