Evening concert

Performance by KNM campus ensemble (conductor Rebecca Lenton) with local youth orchestra Kammerjugendorchester Wedding (conductor Steffen Höschele) and other guests.




6:00 pm


Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstraße 169-170, 10115 Berlin, Germany
This event is in the past

A concert by KNM campus ensemble (director Rebecca Lenton) and guests Kammerjugendorchester Wedding

The programme is

  • Naomi Pinnock: »Four Humours« Choleric– Melancholia – Phlegmatic – Sanguine (2004)
  • Alexander Campkin: »Counting my Numberless Fingers« (2007)
  • Mauricio Kagel: »12 Märsche um den Sieg zu Verfehlen« Märsche 1-3 (1979)
  • Joanna Bailie: »Hildegardstraße/Bundesallee« (2019)
  • Kate Whitley: »3 Movements« (2019)
  • Astor Piazzola: »Libertango« (1975)

Tickets €15 (€10 concessions) from here

A limited amount of tickets will be available at the door (open from 1 hour before start).