Festival Finnissy for All

11-13 November 2016 celebrating the 70th year of Michael FInnissy and 5th year CoMA Maastricht.


The programme is open to amateur musicians, young professional composers and an interested audience. Anybody is welcome! Amateur musicians can participate in the Allcomers Event. All instruments are welcome.

Young professional composers can present an Open Score composition in a masterclass with Michael Finnissy and Ensemble 88 will perform the compositions during the masterclass. In order to help to prepare the composition a workshop on Open Score composing was given by Wim Henderickx on 4 June.

Anybody can listen to the concerts on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Allcomers event

Are you that musician who likes to walk unbeaten paths? Who does not avoid adventures? Is curious about today’s sounds?

Then don’t hesitate to come to Maastricht to join us in an overwhelming musical experience during the Allcomers Event at the Festival Finnissy for All; to enjoy concerts by Ensemble 88 (an experienced professional contemporary music ensemble based in Maastricht) and by Michael Finnissy; to meet young composers.

We will work with Open Score compositions, especially written for flexible amateur ensembles. This means that all instruments can participate, despite their tuning. The parts are very well playable and can be adjusted to your level of experience if necessary. So, everybody is welcome!

  • Playing in a large ensemble with all participants: Especially for this event, Michael Finnissy is writing a new composition with the aptly named title Maat strikt.
  • Playing in small ensembles of eight to fourteen musicians:‘Open-score’ compositions are perfect for playing in a smaller group as well. Playing in such a setting requires other musical skills.
  • Workshops: During three workshops you can delve deeper into specific aspects needed for playing contemporary music – Playing around with rhythm; Unknown possibilities of your instrument; Improvisation.

Composers Masterclass

The masterclasses with Michael Finnissy are intended primarily for composition students. However, (young) professional composers are also cordially invited. To attend the masterclass an ‘open-score’ composition has to be presented. Ensemble 88 will perform (parts of) the composition during the masterclass. At the concert on Sunday afternoon Ensemble 88 will play some of the compositions.

The capacity of the masterclass is 14 participants: each participant will have a masterclass of half an hour. On Friday 11 November there are 6 places are available and on Saturday 12 November there are 8 places. On Friday evening Michael Finnissy will also give a seminar on contemporary composing (e.g. on notation, instrumentation and technical details). All events are open for interested persons.

The participation fee for the masterclass is € 50 (including entrance to the concerts and ‘Cabaret’ on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon).

Please register before 15 September 2016: send a mail to info@comamaastricht.nl with your name, address and e-mail address.

The deadline for the compositions is 15 October.


On Saturday evening 12 November Ensemble 88 will perform music of Michael Finnissy and composers suggested by him. An ensemble consisting of members of CoMAMaastricht and CoMA Ensembles from the UK, conducted by Gregory Rose and Txemi will present some typical CoMA works (Fanfare by Wim Hendrickx, A Fatal Optimist by Donnacha Dennehy and Dutch Courage by Philip Venables). At the end of the evening Michael Finnissy will present a ‘Cabaret’ in an informal setting for all the participants of the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon 13 November we have a concert by the Allcomers participants of Michael Finnissy’s composition Maat strikt, together with pieces by the ensembles of amateurs. Next to that some works from the participating young composers will be performed by Ensemble88.

Taking Part

Full details and updates of the festival are available on the CoMA Maastricht web site.

If you want to participate as a player, composer or audience member, then email info@comamaastricht.nl.

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