Do you like to sing or do you play an instrument? Would you like to learn about contemporary music? Then register for Festival PEPER IN JE OOR. During the day you will study and rehearse new pieces together with other singers and musicians, culminating in a concert in the evening.

Contemporary music introduces you to new timbres and rhythms, improvisation techniques and unusual ways of notation. Many music lovers will discover how inspiring and challenging this is.


For whom?

  • musicians with all instruments, like string and wind instruments, keyboard instruments, (electric) guitar, percussion, accordeon, gamba, harmonica, etc, etc.
  • (choir-) singers
  • youths (all instruments)
  • children (age 5-12)
  • listeners

Beginners or advanced?

PEPER IN JE OOR is open to everyone, beginner as well as advanced. As a musician you should be able to competently play your instrument and read notes and rhythms at a basic level. For singers the ability of reading notes is not required.

So: everyone is welcome.


For more details and how to book see the CoMA Maastricht web site on Dutch and English.


CoMA Eindhoven, CoMA Maastricht


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