The newly formed CoMA Glasgow is inviting musicians of all levels to join four rehearsals, leading to an Open Day on the Festival Weekend.

As a very new group, CoMA Glasgow is eager to expand and explore: every newcomer is invited to contribute with ideas and visions towards what the ensemble could be. We will be playing new music repertoire of known composers and less familiar names, exploring new compositions written by members of our group, and engage in collaborations with other art forms.

Event Schedule

Rehearsal One: Sunday 12 January, 2-5pm @The Brunswick Merchant City Hotel (register)

Rehearsal Two: Tuesday 21 January, 7-9pm @Scottish Music Centre (register)

Rehearsal Three: Saturday 15 February, 2-4pm @Scottish Music Centre (register)

During the first two rehearsals, we will be exploring a variety of new music pieces, this will include new compositions written by members of our group. During those gatherings, we will select repertoire for our third rehearsal and Open Day. On our Rehearsal One, we will have a longer break for idea sharing, followed by informal discussion in the hotel bar after the rehearsal.

Collaboration: new music & movement: Thursday 13 February, 7-8pm, @Scottish Music Centre

A special day where we will be joining new music and dance/movement. The day will be led by our member Lars Schmidt (who is also a dancer), and will include some graphic scores and contemporary music adaptations, as playing while ‘reading’ the movements.


Scottish Music Centre, The Brunswick City Merchant Hotel


Partners: CoMA Glasgow, Glasgow University Music Dept, Scottish Music Centre, The Brunswick City Merchant Hotel