Listening Grounds

An opportunity to sprout your own creative musical “seeds” and share them in a collective digital “sound garden”

Listening Grounds is an opportunity for everyone to sprout their own creative musical “seeds” and share them with others, culminating in a collective digital “sound garden” that can be explored by anyone, from anywhere!

Over the course of eight months, Michiko Theurer and Danny Clay will lead a collective musical gardening process with

  • a monthly Gazette – a cozy creative space for all of us to read and share prompts for cultivating musical ideas, alone or together.
  • monthly Incubator Parties to celebrate and share what you’ve been growing with others.
  • The sonic blooms we grow over the year (as words, scores, recordings, and more!) will become part of a sound installation and living community archive that anyone can access online.

Everyone was invited to join – whether they identify as a sound-maker, sound-lover, tinkerer, noodler, performer, composer, or experimenter of any sort. This is an affirmative space for connecting, experimenting, and celebrating sonic community.

Danny Clay is a composer and educator whose work is deeply rooted in curiosity, collaboration, and the sheer joy of making things with people of all ages and levels of artistic experience. Working closely with artists, students, and community members alike, he builds worlds of inquiry, play, and perpetual discovery that integrate elements of sound, movement, theatre, and visual design.

Michiko Theurer is a performer, artist, and compos(t)er who cultivates intimate spaces for conversation and shared wonder. Her multimedia work combines the gestural energy of her violin playing with the improvisational fluidity of her painting, and ranges from interactive video installations to virtual galleries, collective performances, and celebratory sharing-spaces.

The first two online Incubator Parties took place July and September and a team of musical gardeners will now progress towards the Festival weekend in March 2022.

We’ve made the Gardening Gazette #1 and its associated video publicly available so that everyone can get an idea of what the project is like.