5 Pieces for Ensemble

Smith, Sam Q

About the work

Because of not being able to predict which instruments would be available on each given performance, composing Five pieces for ensemble was a really enjoyable challenge. I constructed the pieces using a tone-row which sounds, unmasked, at given points throughout the performance. This is also a timbrel hinge in which I use the Piano and Percussion. Each instrumental voice (SATB) is given a section of the tone-row in each piece to freely choose from whilst the register is indicated between Low, Medium and High.

First Performance: Royal Academy of Music, Feb 2008, CoMA London Ensemble

Technical notes

At the beginning of each section, every performer is given a selection of notes to play. The aim for the performer is to find, within each movement, a harmonic equilibrium with the other performers.


Call for Pieces Entry: Open Score RAM student 2007


score & parts

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Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard


4 parts, pf, vib


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