All’s Well….?

Cole, Paul

About the work

The piece opens with the principal theme in the bass to a moody background. A counter theme is introduced in the alto, while the principal theme is repeated in bass and treble. As the themes develop there is a gradual acceleration and the parts become progressively more agitated.

A truce is called, followed by a unison declaration. They resume (in brisk triple time) in a harmonious manner. This does not last and the music again becomes agitated, each part making its own contribution. They run out of steam and make another unison declaration.

This seems to do the trick as it is followed by a period of calm (in 5/4). However the triple time returns and before long conflict also returns. The earlier unison declaration is repeated, followed by a renewed attempt at harmony, but this time in duple time. This doesn’t work and the parts once more become agitated reverting to the previous triple time. However, this time, as they wind down they make yet another declaration (in which each part has something slightly different to say) and the 5/4 period of calm returns, but against a moody background.

The conflict seems to have been resolved at last as the music gradually becomes more relaxed until it reaches a harmonious conclusion.

Technical notes

Composer would be happy to modify the score for wind instruments, who would need two on each of the 4 parts.


Open Score Call for Pieces 2005


score & parts

Sorry, Not Available


String Ensemble


string quartet (or more)


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