ay’tik (we)

Young, Reynaldo

About the work

John Holloway’s book ‘Change the world without taking power’ is the theoretical source which the strategic principles of this score came from. The spoken un-sung texts are taken from the above mentioned work and from declarations, storied, poems by the ‘Clandestine revolutionary indigenous committee’ and the ‘General command of the zapatista army of national liberation.’ (‘from the mountains of the mexican southeast’; subcomandante morcos, comandante david, et al). The songs are settings of words in the tojolabal language of southeast mexico, plus excerpts from a mayan story, also in tojolabal.

First Performance: CoMA Summer School 2002

Technical notes

This script contains a set of written instructions, guidelines, suggestions, ideas, allegories, etc. aiming to accomplish a collaborative process between the group of individuals who agree to realise it; when done, the script is a score and the sounds produced during that doing constitute the music intended in the score. This music only exists as a result of the interactions between the performers themselves and between these performers and the score, which is itself the composer’s action.


CoMA commission 2002


score & parts

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Voices and Instruments


large number of singers, 2 perc


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