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Madams, Luke

About the work

This piece is written for three-part Open Score. It’s a graphic score that focuses on choices for the performers. This piece should ideally be printed on A3 or A2 paper for optimal legibility due to its complexity.

“Being a composer is a bit of a megalomaniacal affair. Hardworking performers have potentially decades’ worth of musical knowledge and here I am channelling it for my whims and fancies. There are varying degrees of control a composer can exert over a performance and, as a performer myself, I’ve found that opportunities to make choices about how to realise a composition are usually very welcome. I wondered what would happen if, through choices of notation, I were to retract or surrender the amount of choice given to performers across the duration of a single piece. The performance will undoubtedly evolve, and I’m interested in how.” – Luke Madams


This work is available as a digital download. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download PDF files and a licence that will entitle you to legally print copies of the sheet music. Nothing will be posted to you. For more information see our terms and conditions page.


score & parts


Sample score



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Graphic Score
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