Conscious of Time

Hendriks, Mark

About the work

Time is a curious thing. Although each day has 24 hours and every hour consist of the same 60 minutes and 3600 seconds we can still experience them differently.  Time can fly when you’re having fun or it can take forever when standing in a line waiting for your turn. Time is an illusion Albert Einstein once said. And that’s exactly what I am trying to do in this piece.  The material stays the same but the experience is different everytime. Nothing is exactly the same twice. Little changes in the melody or rhythm create new harmonies and meters overtime.  Call it variable ostinato or minimal music, the structure of the piece is very classical in a way:
a beginning, a mid section and a reprise followed by a finale.

‘Conscious of Time’ was commissioned by CoMA Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It was first performed on December 21st, 2019 during a concert in Eindhoven.



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score & parts


Sample score



5m 00s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard
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