Hall, Andrew

About the work

Based around the image of three American 1 cent coins; not an overly exciting image visually, but one in which I find much symbolism with which my piece deals. The piece is all about the feeling of being forced to do something, and how this reflects back to us what freedoms we really have. The coin in the picture offers much on this subject, not only as a symbol of the dominant consumer-capitalist culture that dictates much of our lives, but also with the inscription of ‘In God We Trust’, a reminder of other socio-cultural expectations that shape our actions. The word ‘Liberty’, also engraved, could be seen as oddly paradoxical in this context.

With its sections of improvisation alongside blocks of standard notation, my piece invites the players to question how much freedom we have in an environment where much of the world seems immovably fixed. The attached picture can be seen alongside the work as a visual representation of these issues, and how the same question can be asked in our everyday lives.”

Technical notes

This piece features three chords arranged in 27 different combinations. Each combination should be intoned very slowly (at least 2 seconds for each chord or rest).

In between each combination there is a space for an interjection of improvised sound, signified in the score by a pause above the barline. The ensemble should decide how they wish to use these spaces; I have suggested some possible sounds at the bottom of the score, although dramatic, verbal or visual elements could also be interesting.


Call for PIeces, CoMA London 2010


score & parts

Sorry, Not Available




Flexible Ensemble


at least 5 players of different ranges of pitch


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