Fish Gotta Swim

Coyte, Mary Ellen

About the work

The piece is devised through structured improvisation. The structure invites the perfromers to examine gender issues in music and theatre. How do you get to be seen and heard? Do you need or want to stand out? Where should you stand? How should you sit? What should you wear, and what sound should you make? Most of all, does this de pend on whether you’re a boy or a girl, a woman or a man? “Every classical orchestra in the country would benefit from doing this piece.” Barry Russell

First Performance: Workshopped by the Cornelius Cardew Ensemble, COMA Summer School, 1998.

Technical notes

Lots of freedom. Should be playable by anyone. Will develop ensemble skills.


Call for Pieces Entry: Cornelius Cardew Ensemble, CoMA Summer School 1998


score & parts

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Flexible Ensemble


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