Group Hug

Perinpanayagam, Yshani

About the work

Group Hug sees a family of Japanese Honey Bees (Apis cerana japonica) going about their daily business, pottering around the nest making honey, some teamwork, some jostling.  That is until their home is invaded by an Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia), scouting for sweet treasure.  However, Japanese Honey Bees have evolved a way to respond to such intruders; they wait for exactly the right moment and then bundle into the hornet in complete unison.  The hornet cannot survive as high a body temperature as the honey bees, it is effectively boiled alive.  The bees are then able to continue with their day as planned before this rude interruption.  YP


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score & parts


Sample score



5m 30s




Flexible Ensemble
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