i can’t do this without you

Szymanek, Robert

About the work

I can’t do this without you was originally composed for CoMA London as part of their annual collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music. Based on ideas Robert found in Bolivian musical aesthetics when travelling to the country, the emphasis is on creating various forms of cacophony: shouts, screams, bangs, mixed together with some typical Carnivalesque tunes for an altogether very wild affair.

Technical notes

Woodwind and Brass detuning – In the spirit of the composition, the wind instruments should be de-tuned before rehearsal/performance by anything up to a tone lower than written/ concert pitch so a cluster note is sounded when all the wind play in written unison. Each player can choose how much or how little to tune their instrument in accordance with one another.


Call for Pieces Entry: Open Score 2007 student piece, RAM


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score & parts


Sample score



0m 00s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard
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