Ja, uh nee, ut is te zegge

Gulikers, Frans

About the work

The piece is written for a double Open Score quartet with percussion.

All parts must sound as written (no octavations), with the exception of 2.4, which can also sound 1 octave lower.

The (referee) whistle is played by the conductor.

Percussion: 1 medium-size untuned tom with no sustain.

Options for instrumentation
Quartet 1 : (Only instruments that can sustain tones)
1 .1 . Flute, violin, oboe, clarinet;
1 .2. Flute, violin, alto sax, clarinet;
1 .3. Alto sax, viola, bass clarinet;
1 .4. Tenor sax, cello, bassoon, bass clarinet.
Quartet 2:
2.1 . Flute, violin, clarinet, hobo;
2.2. Violin, viola, clarinet;
2.3. Guitar, bassoon, bass clarinet, cello;
2.2./2.3. Piano;
2.4. Cello, bassoon, bass clarinet, double bass.

The title is a quote from the Flemish cycling reporter José de Cauwer.
Translation: Yes, uh no, it is to say.


This work is available as a digital download. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download PDF files and a licence that will entitle you to legally print copies of the sheet music. Nothing will be posted to you. For more information see our terms and conditions page.


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