Lelant, Porthminster, Porthleven

Olyver, Matthew

About the work

Lelant, Porthminster, Porthleven is a work written for CoMA that is inspired by Matthew’s memory of visiting three beaches in Cornwall. Lelant is the first beach as well as the first movement. This is a beach that on Matthew’s visit was deserted and the wind was cold and biting. The music here reflects the chilling and eerie environment he remembers. Porthminster is the second beach, as well as a second movement which gently ‘patters’ out of the first movement Lelant, in a manner similar to the rain Matthew remembers on his visit to Porthminster. Porthminster, in contrast to Lelant, was very crowded and hectic on Matthew’s visit. Porthleven is the third beach and the third movement. This is a beach that on Matthew’s visit was almost deserted and the movement’s representation of the beach is intended to act as a short reflection to conclude the piece.



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score & parts


Sample score



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Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard
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