Limited Improvisations

Guven, Cem

About the work

Limited Improvisations consists of improvisatory sections controlled by the composer’s notational boundaries, in order to achieve various atmospheric sound worlds.  Each section has four figures of musical material (most of them work for every instrument in different ways) and performers are free to alternate between the materials throughout each passage.  In the first section Percussive Sounds the performers improvise around the idea of “no performance of intentional pitches, but only percussive textures” with specific rhythmic notations given by the composer.  The second section Sustain highlights multiphonics, harmonics and artificial sustained sonorities, as the alternation between the given figures decrease and the performers stick with their sustained sonorities for  longer durations.  The tension increases throughout the section as each player vibrates their sustained textures and performs an intense crescendo.  The climax of the piece is the section  Glissando. Each instrument has a different way of expressing this technique, and this variety of glissando textures gets expressed in a loud, lively way. Towards the end of the piece the glissandos get softer, however the intensity reaches to its peak as performers push the limits of their ranges by performing extremely high and low pitches.


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score & parts


Sample score



5m 59s




Flexible Ensemble
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