Livin’ on Adrenalin

Evans, Tristan

About the work

‘Livin’ on Adrenalin’ is a fast, exciting work for piano, percussion and a flexible ensemble with a minimum of four other instruments (preferably with different registers). The ensemble play from a choice of four parts labelled A – D (with the exception of the percussion and piano) and chooses their own pitches according to the position of crossheads on a stave. The work consists of two alternating sections contrasting in both timbre and tempo. The first section is fast, rhythmical and aggressive, with constant changes in both the time signature and dynamics. The second section contains sustained notes in the ensemble while the piano loosely improvises its developing material. As the work progresses, the texture and rhythms become more and more erratic, being driven by the constant percussion; the ensemble is gradually taken over by the piano and spirals towards an intense climax. The work finishes with a chord being rhythmically repeated over and over again, reinforced by the constant movement in the tom-toms. When the work has finished, the sound of a cymbal is left dying away, as the adrenalin rush comes to an end.

First Performance: Blackheath Concert Halls, CoMA Conference February 2007, TCM contemporary group


Call for Pieces Entry: Open Score 2007 student piece


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score & parts


Sample score



0m 00s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard


4 parts, perc: hi tom, mid tom, low tom, snare drum, suspended cymbal, vibraphone (with motor), pf
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